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Additional information about Russia

  • Official name: the Russian Federation
  • Political System: Federal Republic
  • The head of the state: President
  • Legislature: Two-chamber Federal Assembly
  • Geographical location: in the Eastern Europe and Northern Asia
  • Border Countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, The Chinese National Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia and Japan.
  • Area: 17,075 million sq. km.
  • Population: approximate 141,38 million people (2007), Russians – 81,5%, Tatars – 3,8%, Ukrainians – 3%, Chuvashs, Bashkirs, Belarussians, Moldavians and others – 11.7% (in total more thah 180 nations)
  • Capital: Moscow – 10,454 million people
  • Major Cities: Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Perm
  • Official language: Russian
  • Religions: Orthodox, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Buddists
  • Climate: from sea on the North-West to arctic and subarctic on the far North and the Nothern islands sharply continental in Siberia, monsoon on the Far East and subtropical on the South
  • Average temperature: from –23oC to +4oC in January; from +13oC to +24oC in July
  • Monetary unit: rouble (RUR)
  • Telephone country code: 7
  • International country code: RUS
  • Internet domain: .ru
  • National holydays: May. 9th - the Victory Day (1945); June, 12th – the National Sovereignty Declaration Day (1990), December 12th – the Constitution Day (1993)
  • Credit card: VISA, MasterCard,  Diners, American Express, Visa Electron
  • Voltage: 220 V ~ 50 Hz, Europian socket

Site for European delegates
1st Announcement
4th Europaediatrics 2009, World Trade Center, Moscow, 3-6 July 2009,
europaediatrics2009@nczd.ru, ep2009@nczd.ru, europaediatrics2009@acnc.gr