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Greeting of the President of EPA/UNEPSA

Dear Alexander,
I would like to congratulate you once more for the successful organization of the 4th Europaediatrics 2009 in Moscow on 3-6 July 2009. The increased number of delegates and the high attendance of the sessions undoubtedly attest to the success of the event and prove that the great work and energy you and your team have put behind this effort have paid off.
As I envisaged in my speech at the opening ceremony, Europaediatrics in Moscow was indeed a memorable experience for all of us and for that we have you and the Union of Paediatricians of Russia to be grateful to.
Furthermore, I would like to thank you for your hospitality during our stay in Moscow. You provided us with many enjoyable opportunities to get to know us better and exchange views on the future of paediatrics in Europe. In the future this groundwork will definitely prove very useful.
With my best wishes,
Andreas Konstantopoulos
President of the European Paediatric Association

Prof.Vytautas Usonis
Head of Vilnius University Centre of Paediatrics

Dear Professor Alexander Baranov,

I am writing to thank to you for the invitation to be a part of the Scientific Committee and for the possibility to contribute as speaker to the Congress.
I have no doubts that the Congress was a real success. It will remain for many of us as a memorably event, and definitely it will be a big step forward in improving health of the children in different countries.

Thank you for your excellent initiative and a great performance.

Looking forward to be in touch in the future
Best regards
Vytautas Usonis


Franco Chiarelli
President of the European society of paediatric endocrinology
Professor of Paediatrics and Paediatric Endocrinology
University Department of Paediatrics, Italy

Dear Professor Baranov,
Many thanks. It has been my privilege to take part at the Congress, which was 
perfectly organised. I look forward to future collaboration.

Kind regards,
Franco Chiarelli

Ralph Bax MD MA
Scientific Administrator Paediatric Medicines, Paediatrician 
European Medicines Agency (EMEA)
Scientific Advice, Paediatric Medicines and
Orphan Drugs Sector

 Dear Professor Baranov,

I would like to thank you very much for the invitation and the possibility to speak about paediatric clinical trials from the EMEA perspective. The session on paediatric pharmacology also was well attended, considering the fact, that this traditionally is a "difficult" topic having to compete with all the other interesting clinical presentations.

I was very impressed by your congress, the organisation and also the great interest especially of the Russion colleagues. I had many very interesting discussions with colleagues from Russia, but also from all over the world. Of course I also admired the opening ceremony including the speech by your President which underlined the important role of paediaitrcians and paediatrics, your city and I was able to see at least some of the amazing cultural highlights.

In all it was a huge professional and personal experience, thanks to you and your whole team!

Best regards

Ralph Bax


Prof. Petr Pohunek, MD PhD FCCP
Head of Division of Respiratory Diseases
Pediatric Department
Charles University Prague

Dear colleagues, my major thanks to professor Namazova and professor Baranov for the possibility to participate at the congress in Moscow. I am sure that this was a major success!
I have really enjoyed the scientific programme as well as the marvelous social programme. Also, the organisation of the congress was excellent.
Thank you again.
I hope that there will be some oppportunity to come to Moscow again, this time I was quite busy in the congress programme and managed to see only very little of the wonderful city.
Thanks again also for you support and that of all your colleagues who were involved with congress.
Best wishes

Petr Pohunek




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